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Enjoy free shipping on all orders here at Ridernomics
Enjoy free shipping on all orders here at Ridernomics

Electrical Power Supply Unit

SKU D98830
Electrical Power Supply Unit

Product Description
- Collectively manages 12V accessory power supplies such as USB 
- ON/OFF of power supply is linked with the main key
- Saves you the trouble of searching for wiring each time you install a part that requires a power supply, and it is easy to add additional equipment
- For devices such as USB, hot grips, retrofit meters, dash cams, etc. that you want to switch ON/OFF in conjunction with the main key

Up to 4 accessories can be installed individually
- CA/CB103 Giboshi 3PORT/Round terminal 1PORT can output up to 20A in total.
High output of 20A in total
- By taking the main power source directly from the battery, high output is possible while reducing the burden on genuine electrical equipment.
Arrangement by fuse is possible
- By replacing the built-in low profile blade fuse, you can set the required amperage. (* range of 20A or less in total)