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Enjoy free shipping on all orders here at Ridernomics

LED Headlight Bulb

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SKU D94865

Daytona Force Ray (Part #: 94865) 
LED Headlight bulb H9/H11 

Large light quantity & energy saving
-Achieves brightness equivalent to 1.5 times with about half the power consumption of the halogen bulb ratio. 
-A compact design that takes out the harness from below and secures a rear space while mounting a fan.
Wide illuminate light
-A compact lensless ultra-bright LED device with stable performance and durability is placed on both sides of the halogen bulb's filament to illuminate the surroundings extensively.
Long life
-In order to cool the heat of the LED bulb, aluminum with excellent self-heat radiation ability is used for the heat sink, and the fins are reliably released by blowing wind with a dust-proof / waterproof high-speed fan to achieve long life. 
Illumination characteristics
-A large number of small ultra-bright LEDs are arranged at the same position as the halogen bulb, and by using a reflector (reflector) inside the lamp, it is designed to emit wide illumination light close to H. I.D.